The Claw House

Innovative architecture and originality.

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ACI Safe Driving Center

Technology and innovation.

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UniCredit Pavilion

Technology and innovation.

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Made in Italy excellence

Technology and innovation.

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Wood Beton housing solutions are “tailor made”, built with innovative construction systems and with experienced designers.

Great Structure

Unique structures and architectural icons that are become symbols of international skylines.

Prefabricated Bathrooms

The bathroom is one of the smaller rooms in the house but it can create problems for builders. What changes with a prefabricated product?


Building components. Innovative products that meet all market needs.

Evolution takes shape
Since 1989 we have never stopped designing innovation with wooden and mixed wood-concrete construction systems.

Innovative construction systems, which offer advantages and that change the building industry. Our walls, our slabs and our roofs, are recognized as innovations by the most authoritative European Certifying Agency, because they have revolutionized costs, quality, performance, construction times and safety at work. Wood Beton means 360-degree evolution in every building sector. In Italy and in the world.

May 17 2019

Wood Beton at Klimahouse 2020

Also this year Wood Beton will participate in Klimahouse

May 17 2019

Wood Beton wins Klimahouse Trend 2019 - Timely category

Also this year Wood Beton won the prestigious Klimahouse Trend 2019 award – Timel category

Houses that meet all needs.
Our residences write the future of living and translate people's dreams into homes. From comfort to total personalization, from maximum energy efficiency to anti-seismic and anti-fire performance.

Tailor-made homes, built in collaboration with the customer and his trusted professionals. Houses that realize all expectations, innovative habitats certified by the most important sector certifications. We build your projects, with state of the art facility, eco-sustainable structures, with excellent green buildings materials. A Wood Beton home is a dream that takes shape. Italian style and important design, exclusive personalization, structural strength and durability over time, with reduced costs and excellent results. Because, let’s not forget: home is the most important place in a person’s life.